Wind, Rain and Sun Again

Late morning dark clouds rolled over Biscayne Bay on the first day of racing, with gusting winds in the twenties and sheets of rain. Fleets scheduled for 1300 starts – Radials, Women’s FX, Nacra catamarans and, presumably, Finns, were held on the beach.

Others, apparently, were being sent ashore, but that is a developing story. Some fleets continued to race.

And then – before noon, the front passed through and the skies cleared.

Coral Reef Yacht Club general manager Jim VanBuren compared it to the summer squalls “that come through late in every summer afternoon; the kids are always off the water by four,”

After struggling in 2014 with light winds, this is not exactly the start that was hoped for in a record-setting edition of ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami, presented by Sunbrella. But, it’s a brief interruption at most. Our lead photo and this one were taken minutes apart.


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